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Farmer’s Markets

In the past few years the number of farmer’s markets in San Diego have quadrupled. Today there are about 50 farmer’s markets in business in the San Diego area.

Most of us have had the opportunity to check one out one or two of them around town. From Ob to Julian you can find a few markets open every day. They all have wonderful produce and crafts. If you have never been you should check one out. They are a good time and a great opportunity to learn about new foods, buy food straight from the farmer, or just have fun people watching.

One other thing they all have in common, is that not a single one is made up of 100% local farmers. It blew my mind when I heard it; Fifty farmer’s markets and not one for just local farmers.  The reasoning behind this is equally mind blowing: price of water.

Farmers from other parts of the state have the luxury of cheaper water for agricultural purposes. It’s not the first time Southern California has battled Nor Cal over cheaper fruits but it is the most blatant, at least until October.

Farmers from Central and Northern California use their advantage of cheaper overhead to under cut our local farmers. In the market place these foreign farmer’s prices are only slightly cheaper to the individual consumer. But in the big picture, they leverage the local grower into bankruptcy.

Local farms are a huge part of our local economy and environmental. Preserving local farms is not only important to our economy, but also to our eco system.

San Diego Hydroponics is in the process of submitting our application for a Farmer’s  Market right in front of our Napier Store. The market will be the first and only 100% local farmer’s market in San Diego.

If you want to become involved and have a booth in our upcoming farmer’s market, send us an email at

At San Diego Hydroponics & Organics, we are doing our best to take care of all of our growers.