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Fresca Sol Water Cooled Light

The Fresca Sol is the industry innovator featuring water cooled fixture engineered to take 93% of the heat produced from your HPS bulb and transfer it through water to a designated cooling reservoir.

Increased control over your growing environment is achieved using the Fresca Sol water cooled light. This product is a great addition to any type of system or application where heat is a problem for one reason or another.

The Fresca Sol unit will eliminate 93% of the heat from your 250, 400, 600 or 1000 HPS, and transfer it through water to a designated cooling reservoir.

This unit allows you to combine your existing ballast and bulb with our water cooled light to achieve real cool results. With low thermal emission and less exhaust, this results in a higher concentration of CO2.

The Design:

The Fresca Sol endplates are made from dependable billet aircraft aluminum, proving to withstand high temperatures. The tubes are made of durable borasilicate (Pyrex) glass, creating a very tough and reliable product.

The Features:

You can adjust your Fresca Sol fixture to 5’’ inches away from your plants rather than 18’’ to 24’’ inches! This increases the amount of light reaching your plants by nine times!

In addition you can also exchange the heat from your bulb through water plumbed into your designated reservoir. Examples of water reservoirs are pools (in-ground and out of ground), Jacuzzis, or even a horse trough. Providing a heated pool year round is yet another benefit that also leads to lower electric bills and saves you money while increasing yields.

Now Available:

The Fresca Sol is now packaged and sold with a socket and wing reflector. Additional optional features for your system such as the “No Flow No Go” sensors, “over heat” sensors as well as relays that control your lights and pumps for a fool proof system that shuts down at the first sign of a problem. In addition, we will have pumps, hoses and clamps available for purchase on our site, making your experience with San Diego Hydroponics a one stop shop!


  • 1 6” round 21” long and 25” long with socket
  • 2 Radiating heat is cut down by 93%
  • 3 Minimum 50-gallon reservoir per 1000-watt fixture
  • 4 Can be ran in a horizontal or vertical sequence (Not to exceed four in one line)
  • 5 Light can be put less than 6” from the top of your plants instead of 18” to 24” with an air-cooled system.
  • 6 resulting in 9 to 16 times more light actually hitting your plants.
  • 7 Dry weight is 11 pounds. It is 19 pounds when full of water.
  • 8 Works very well with a heat exchanger, chiller unit, or just a larger reservoir such as a pool or Jacuzzi.
  • 9 Low Thermal Emittance
  • 10 Spectrums increased by 5% to 10%
  • PH MUST BE 7.5-8.0
  • Run the pump 24 hrs
  • Never put cold water on hot light
  • Use small amount of pool chlorine to keep clean from algee
  • Recomend to use filter before lights in system