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Global Greenhouse Lighting Ballasts

Upgrade To Digital

These blissfully silent ballasts are highly efficient, produce very little heat.

All of this while firing the bulb brighter, giving 15% to 20% more lumen output than a standard electro-magnetic core ballast.

All of this because the ballasts fire at a higher frequency, minimizing the wear and increasing lamp life, 3 to 4 times.

Light weight with a built in mounting bracket, Global Greenhouse digital ballasts universally work with all reflectors, sockets, and lamps on the market. 3 year, no hassle manufacturer’s warranty.

* Fires both HPS and MH lamps!

* 15% – 20% more lumen output

* Higher Efficiency means very little heat

* Works with any socket, reflector, or lamp on the market

* Light weight with built in mounting bracket

* Generator Friendly

* Sunlight Supply “S” style hood side lamp plug (two round prongs and one flat prong)

* Includes a 120v/240V power cord.

* Ballast side power plug is the “square hortizontal plug” style

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