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Bio Bizz

Since 1992 BioBizz has been producing custom soil mixes, natural plant nutrients and additives for organic gardeners.

From its legendary origin in Amsterdam to the present day, BioBizz is the most experienced and recognized supplier of premium plant food in its field. The BioBizz distinguished line of pro-environmental fertilizer is ideal for biological production of flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs as well as safely caring for ornamentals, trees and turf. Used on soil, coco-fibre, hydroponics and hydro-organics.

Our mission

Our philosophy is based on respecting our partners, distributors, our consumers, our suppliers and the environment itself. We prefer quality over quantity and we believe in that our products prove themselves. With superior products, service and support and expertise in the organic and hydroponics industry.

Why organics??

Because factory-made chemical fertilizers take away from the soil rather than building it. After rendering soil useless in the name of a temporary fix, these industrial chemicals are washed into earth’s water tables killing and mutating fish, algae, and coral reef. Residuals from these chemicals and pesticides can be found in the produce itself. Eating organic fruits, vegetables or herbs- grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides- may boost the immune system of animals and help them recover from disease. We also, believe that agriculture should come “back-to-earth” and out of the laboratories.


BIOBIZZ Products were formulated and refined in Holland over the last 12 years. They have continued to maintain popularity in the Netherlands while gaining support from users worldwide. The clean smell and ease of use is appropriate for easy and instant organics, indoor or outside. The original BIOBIZZ mantras of K.I.S.S (Keep It Short and Simple) and Back to Basics still ring true to diehard bio and organic growers all over the globe.

How to use BIOBIZZ products with the grow schedule??

BIOBIZZ has been trying to develop a simple but serious grow schedule. Our main goal was to make a schedule that everybody can use and understand. Education is the key to our and the consumers success. We had to force ourselves to make one standard, but extra information is always given on request.

The schedule: is designed for use with BIOBIZZ products. These basic directives will show you step by step how to get the most from BIOBIZZ (your) products and the best from you plants. The schedule is defied in eleven week in which two week of growth followed by nine weeks of flowering.   The dosage of nutrients is measured in millilitres per litre (the European schedules). For examples week: 3rd week grow schedule on All-Mix, 1 ml Bio-Grow, 1 ml Bio-Bloom and 1 ml TopMax per 1 litre water.

Why do you give Bio-Grow in the bloom/flowering phase??

That is a good question. Bio-Grow contains a lot of sugars and vitamins B, C and E. When plants start to flower they are using a lot of their vitamins and sugars. If those vitamins and sugars are not replaced the plant can stress out or even die. Bio-Grow was not only developed as a growth and soil activator but also as a plant tonic in flowering phase. That is why we recommend using Bio-Grow in bloom/flowering phase.

Can I use Biobizz products on hydro or coco’s?

Yes, you can use Biobizz products on hydro systems and coco’s. It is just a different approach and usages of the Biobizz products. The Biobizz has two liquid product lines: Liquid organic plant food and the Organic bio-stimulants.

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