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Ask-a-Grower Question #47

I’ve been having trouble with dead and dying leaves. The once hearty plants with healthy leaves are consistently getting dry areas and show signs of damage within weeks as the edges of the leaves turn brown and eventually die. I thought at first it was over fertilizing but when I cut back or stopped the problem continued. I changed from a 6 inch exhaust to an 8 inch exhaust fan and a floor fan for circulation but I am wondering if I am still not getting enough fresh air flow.  Have any suggestions?

It sounds like you might have a pH problem. Go ahead and flush your plants with a flushing solution to clean out your medium. I recommend House and Garden’s Drip Clean. You want to make sure your testing the neutrality of the water every time you add nutrients to your plants feed. For soil I recommend keeping a pH of 6.3-6.8. For hydroponics you want to keep a pH of 5.6-6.2.