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Ask-a-Grower Question #5

I am interested in upgrading from my 400 watt MH ballast to a 600 watt digital ballast. I like the fact that I can use both MH and HPS bulbs with them.  I have an Sun Light Supply- super sun reflector already and would like to know if I can run  600 watt MH and 600 HPS bulbs through it, once I get the digital ballast. I am not sure if my refelctor will accept the hps bulb and would like to know what options I have, or what I need to look for before I buy.

Great choice by going with the digital 600 watt h.p.s. You shouldn’t have any problems with the digital ballast upgrade or with the reflector your currently using. Although, you might want to consider leaving your MH ballast/ light and getting a new bloom light i.e. 600 watt h.p.s. with the digital ballast for your bloom area.