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Ask-a-Grower Question #54

How much mad farmer oxygenator per gallon to treat a 100 gal res with a flood and drain hydro system? I use gh nutrients and am having a bad root rot problem with all the plants. Also, how often do I add the oxygenator and for how long do I use it?  If it kills both bad and good bacteria do I need to add beneficial bacteria after using the oxygenator, at the same time, or not at all?

You will need to add 1- (2) max  drops of Oxygenator for every gallon treated.  You can run a little bit of Oxygenator with your regular feedings or do a complete flush through your system in between cycles. Yes, you can add the beneficial bacteria after run the Oxygenator through your system. You might also want to pick up a bottle of Roots Excelurator by House and Garden this product helps protect against root rot by adding a protective sheen to the root system.