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Ask-a-Grower Question #70

I am curious about the Advanced Nutrients line of fertilizers.  I want to switch over from Fox Farm and am blown away by how many products AN has.  I want to start with the grow, micro, bloom or the SensiGrow A&B.  What is the difference between the two lines and what do you guys recommend as far as Advanced Nutrients are concerned?  Also is there anything that you recommend adding from their line that is reasonable in price.  I will get into all the expensive stuff later.  Just want to start basic and add on.

This is a very good question.  To be certain, I actually called our rep at advanced nutrients to get their input.  Both lines(2-part and 3-part) basically give you the same yield and quality. The major differences are how you apply the nutrients.  When you buy the 3 part it will take care of your base nutrients for veg and bloom.  The 3 part might be  a bit more difficult for beginners because of the ratios, the grow, bloom, and micro vary throughout the life cycle. More of the “grow” is used in veg then as you start to bloom the ratio of “bloom” goes up as the ratio of “grow” decreases.

The Sensi 2 part is a little easier to run because you use equal ratios of each A and B.  So you run out of the nutrients at the same time. Another difference is you have to buy SensiGROW A and B for veg then buy SensiBLOOM A and B for bloom.  Our Advanced rep also told me if you want to step up a little more to check out the connoisseur line.  It is also an A and B formula.   As far as additives go, where are you trying to see the most improvement?  Veg?  Flavor?  Increase in yield?

If your trying to start basic my best advice is to ‘keep it simple’. Then we can find the additives that suit your needs and get whats needed.

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