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Ask-a-Grower Question #74

How long does it take for H2O2 to dissipate from a reservoir. Should I add periodically or after reservoir change?

H2O2 will take 24 hours to dissipate out of a reservoir. So you can add it on a daily basis.  Personally I recommend every other day just to be safe.  I use Mad Farmer Oxygenator, it is a 35% H2O2 solution. I don’t normally run it in my res because I run beneficials (House & Garden Root Excelurator and Plant Success Great White).  The H2O2 will kill all of my beneficials.  I usually use it for cleaning, or if something isn’t “right” with the plants or res (i.e. unhealthy growth, bugs in root zone, or bad odors from res).

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