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Ask-a-Grower Question #75

How should I mix soil A & B solution with water?

The House and Garden Soil A & B needs to be mixed ONE at a time.  The A & B cannot mix in concentrate form.  I mix my nutrients in a 10-12 gal drum.  I fill the drum with water (reverse osmosis is preferred), then add the proper amount of Soil A, and mix.  After mixing thoroughly I add the soil B, then mix thoroughly.  If you are using the whole House and Garden line you are now going to want to adjust to the correct PH..  In Soil 6.3-6.8 is preferred.  If in a hydroponic system then 5.5-6.0 will be the optimum range. After PH is correct you can now add the additives.

If you are using any additives other than the House and Garden line you will want to add those into the nutrient solution BEFORE you correct the PH.  The H & G nutrient calculator is very helpful .  Also at all of our store locations you can come in and get a printed fold out version of the nutrient schedule,  It is a very useful reference to have in the garden.