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Ask-a-Grower Question #77

Ok, so I put in 1 teaspoon of MOAB per 5 gallons for the first 8 days of bloom‚ Now I just topped off my 70 gallon reservoir with 40 new gallons and general hydroponics 3 part system, I also added as suggested by sales employee at your store. the Hygrozyme, and Uncle Johns Blend, along with budswell guano mix.. SO MY MAIN QUESTION IS: Do I now refrain for 3 weeks of adding MOAB to resevoir? Adding 1-2 teaspoons per gallon the last 2 weeks of bloom and going without MOAB during week 2,3, and 4. Then add in MOAB for week 5 and 6, then flush for 7.? One more it too much or overkill to add both Uncle Johns Blend and Hygrozyme during bloom?

After the first 8 days of M.O.A.B. I would drain reservoir.  This way I can get the MOAB out.  Then I start a fresh reservoir and continue normal feed schedule.  I would not use MOAB again until the last two weeks of flower.  MOAB should only be used the 1st  and last 2 weeks.  I would still always FLUSH.  Even if that means cutting back the MOAB and starting my flush halfway through the last week of flower.

Remember to cut the other nutrients in half when using MOAB. Also whenever I use different additives from different vendors I always start with a light dose.  If everything in the system looks ok after 1-2 applications I will gradually bump up the dosage.  So to answer the question, I do not think it is overkill using  Uncle Johns and Hygrozyme together.  Just start off by using 50%-75% strength.