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Ask-a-Grower Question #78

Is N.U.T.S. recommended for cloning in an aeroponic medium?

Mad Farmer N.U.T.S. is an organic fulvic acid. I have personally used this product in soil, flood and drain with rock and rockwool, also I have used it in an aeroponic system. I personally would not use the NUTS for the cloning process. I do not want to use too much in the cloning process. I want to Keep It Simple until my cutting becomes and actual plant with roots.

Mad Farmer N.U.T.S. stands for ”Nutreint Up-Take Solution”.  I know with this product you can  back off of other nutreints because of how easily the plant will “uptake” the nutrients.  I want to make sure I am not over fertilizing, the cuttings do not need much to root..Just the right environment, humidity, and some hormones to make the process faster/easier.  The light dose of nutrients in res and maybe a mild dose in a foliar spray once or twice a week is enough.

During cloning I personally use a very mild nutrient solution..  My typical mix is Clonex nutrient solution,  which I use at their lowest recomended dose (5ml per liter).  I use the clonex solution for soaking medium and to run in an aeroponic cloner, also this is what I use as my foliar spray.

I also recommend adding House and Garden Root Excelurstor.  I usually wait 5 days to a week to add the roots excel because it is not need until roots appear.  Roots excel is a mix of benificial bacteria to aid in the growth and development of your roots.   After you have roots in ANY system or medium is now when I would start the N.U.T.S.