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Ask-a-Grower Question #9

Having trouble getting any weight out of my plants, running a 48 bucket system with BC nutes, I have 4 600s with digital balasts and a light mover I’ve ran 4 diferent strains went tall went short averaging a little less than 1oz per. What am I doing wrong Im going to move the buckets closer because the two outer edge rows really suck, I’m going to pick up 4 more new hps bulb I’ve got 6months on the ones I have, any sugesstions to improve?

So you want to get more weight out of each plant?  There are a few things you might want to adjust to get more out of your harvest.

#1 You might want to just concentrate on growing either tall plants or short plants because you want to get the lights as close to the tops of your plants without burning them. Light intensity is one of the most important factors when growing indoors. Also, light movers will also affect the overall weight per plant. If you want to stay with the light movers you might want to move to 1000 watt lights. The 600′s are more efficient held in place over a 4×4 area as close to the tops as
possible. Make sure air is blowing over the top of your plants especially when getting the lights close to the tops.

#2 Try vegging your plants longer and figure out the feeding schedules for the strains your growing.

#3 Are you using a foliar feed? Are you using a roots excelurator? I recommend the House and Garden foliar feed and roots excelurator. If you come into the Pacific Beach store I can get you some samples to try, ask for Cameron:)  These two products will help you plants grow tremendously in veg and will give you more weight per plant once flowered.