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Ask-a-Grower #113

Are T5′s really the way to go during veg.? ?

T5′s really are the way to go during veg. T5′s provide the perfect light spectrum plants in the vegetative state require. I was little unsure in the beginning, I just couldn’t imagine that these florescents were going to be as efficient, if not better that my metal halide set-ups. But after watching several harvest veg perfectly and seeing the difference in my electric bill, I will never not use T5′s for my garden. Global Greenhouse makes a few different T5 fixtures. They have various size and spectrum options for a great price. Since buying my T5 fixture, I’ve gotten rid of all my metal halide ballasts and bulbs. T5′s are without question the way to go

2 thoughts on “Ask-a-Grower #113

  • A T5 florescent light is fairly comparable to a 400hps or mh. They differ in the light spectrums. They are great to veg with and work great as side lighting. They run your electric a lot lower that the other two and are only 50 watts less at 350.

    Have fun :)


  • You can choose what spectrum your bulbs emit. Make sure you choose bulbs for your T-5 that emit a spectrum for veg.

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