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Ask-a-Grower #117

I’m at war with spider mites. I have tried all the safe alternatives, but they are just not working. Heat and humidity levels are perfect and i have great ventilation, any recommendations?

S & S 217 is a product that is derived from rosemary oil and is a safe alternative solution to spider mites problems. It kills the eggs and mites on contact.

2 thoughts on “Ask-a-Grower #117

  • Hope this doesn’t come off harsh but STAY CLEAN when entering your space! Shower before you go in and/or change your clothing or do like me go in nakie after showering HAHA! If you use AZAMAX OR SNS products from the beginning (foliar and soil drench or res)and always keep your space extremely clean. If you send your top notch soldiers out to keep the front lines clear of enemies, you’ll be able to have a stronger hold on your goods 😉

  • How often are you re-applying the safe products? You need to thoroughly saturate the entire plant, including the bottoms of the leaves at least once a week until there is no sign of bugs then one or two more times after that. Natural products usually don’t kill the bugs. They just make them really sick and they don’t want to eat. Be patient and stay on top of things, the bugs will die off eventually.

    Stay clean is the best advice so far!!! Think of your favorite restaurant. What does the kitchen look like? The cooks all wash their hands and have good personal hygiene. Keep your space the same way.

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