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Ask-a-Grower #118

I am super new to the indoor gardening world. I just set up my closet with a Global Greenhouse 600 watt digital ballast and an Easy Cool reflector. Do you have any recommendations for a good, reasonably priced nutrient line?

I would come by the store and check out our line of House & Garden products. They make excellent base nutrients and amazing additives. Best bet would be to come on into the store and check out the House & Garden line or one of our many other nutrient lines.

2 thoughts on “Ask-a-Grower #118

  • I wouldn’t skimp on nutes. They are a very important part of the process. I’d go with Canna products for soil or hydro. For pest control Azamax and SNS products are amazing. I’ve used both. I’ll foliar feed with the Azamax and soil drench with the SNS. This has helped me to NEVER have an insect or fungus prob. Although, I do take the necessary precautions upon entering my space. Stay clean, people :) Anyway, back to the nutes…For a fertilizer, Pureblend Pro worked best for me. I’ve used Canna’s bio terra, as well and liked the Pure blend Pro a little better. Rhizotonic is always good to have in the mix. Always use some sort of beneficial bacteria, Great White by Plant Success is AMAZING! Cal Mag is great and Liquid Karma is super! You always want to boost with a calcium/mag supplement. Great additives and they really helped out when they started to look like they needed that extra push. Cannazym is a great enzyme product for breaking down dead roots and clearing the path for a nice environment down there. Vermi-T is a natural/organic tea that is comprised of worm castings, over 35k diverse organisms, beneficial bacterias, etc…it’s a great product for yield. It does have a shelf life of a few weeks and MUST be refrigerated. Now, your probably thinking…holy shit, this is a lot! Well, it is and everything is necessary for producing a high quality yield. What you put into your plants is what they will give you in return. Care about what your doing, it really makes a difference. Like with humans, there is a difference in the food that we eat. Someone who thrives on fast food isn’t going to be as strong and resistant against disease as someone who takes vitamins and eats healthy. Lastly, DO NOT OVER FEED your plants because you think it will gain you bigger yield. You’ll only end up hurting them. Follow the instructions and use common sense. If you see any signs that they are unhappy, experiment…Drop your fertilizer down and see if that helps. Don’t over water and keep your temps and hum under control, along with proper airflow…

    Whoa…think I have went a little off topic and wrote a novel but hope this helps :)


  • The easiest nutrients to use are the Cutting Edge and General Hydroponics 3 part systems. House and Garden makes a great nutrient line as well but it may be a little confusing to new growers. You don’t need to get complicated on your first grow. Do not get confused by all the additives and advice on the internet. I know of several professional growers that only use one of the simple three part systems, with no additives, and have great yields!

    What is more important than anything is your environment!! A 600W system in a closet is a lot. Make sure you have good airflow and maintain good temperatures. If your roots are constantly exposed to temperatures over 70F you are going to have problems. Remember, in nature, the earth is cool, the air can get warm but the roots need to stay cool. Save the money on the nutes and go back into the shop and pick up a portable AC unit and some fans.

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