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Ask-a-Grower #120

I just bought the Grodan, Big Mamma 8×8 cubes from your new Carlsbad store. I was told not to wash or soak the cube before planting because of the chance of mold. But, I always thought you were supposed to soak the cube before transplantation. What should I do? Also, do I need to cover the cubes?

I have always preferred to soak the cube or at least wet it down really well prior to transplantation. Maybe that was a personal preference. Anyways, always cover the tops of the cube with tomato covers to prevent algae growth.

2 thoughts on “Ask-a-Grower #120

  • Your cubes won’t mold. However, they will grow algae once they are moist and exposed to light. You need to soak them in PH adjusted water for at least 30 min before you transplant. Personally, I prefer to soak my cubes in a PH adjusted, half strength, nutrient solution for an hour before transplanting. If you do this, depending on your environmental conditions, you won’t have to touch a thing for 3-7 days after you transplant.

    Personally I never cover my cubes. A lot of people do cover their cubes in order to prevent algae. However, I want the growing medium exposed to air, for several reasons. Algae is ugly, but harmless.

    • your right algae is harmless to your plants but i learned the hard way that the larvae of black flies i think their called fungus gnats eat the algae just my 2 cents

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