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Ask-a-Grower #85

What is “Roots Excelurator” and why does it work so well?

Roots Excelurator is House & Gardens top showpiece in the line of nutrients and rooting stimulants. Roots Excelurator is a blend of beneficial bacteria (both aerobic and non aerobic), amino acids and proteins. The exact blend of microbial life contained in Roots Excelurator is a trade secret but you can rest assured that, after years of research, the House & Garden team has formulated the best and most powerful root stimulant available. Brewed in small batches, Roots Excelurator will rid your plants of sickly brown roots and can prevent as well as reverse root damage caused by pythium and fusarium. Roots Excelurator is the most concentrated root stimulant available at the dilution rate of 1.1mL per gallon and is available exclusively throughout San Diego County at San Diego Hydroponics.

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