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Ask a Grower

Ask-a-Grower #87

Do you carry sulphur? What are the considerations in burning sulphur? How long should I burn it? How long does the residue last? Is it dangerous? How does one clean up after it?

We do in fact carry sulphur at all four of our locations in San Diego.

When using sulphur you have sulphur pills that are burned in a sulphur vaporizer creating a cloud of sulphur dust. This sulphur dust essentially settles on the leaf surface and changes the pH to a level that powdery mildew won’t grow at. I would consider turning your exhaust ventilation off or at least down when burning sulphur, I would keep on oscillating fans that move air around the room, I would burn the sulphur during the plants night cycle, and you should run the unit for approximately 4-6 hours.

The sulphur that we provide is 99.9% pure and is non toxic. With that being said I would not be in the room when you are burning the sulphur and would exhaust the room air before reentry. The residue shouldn’t be too visible except close to the unit where the sulphur dust was most concentrated, some yellow staining of walls or ceilings could occur if it is too close to either.

Clean up is minimal…one trick to get the melted sulphur block out of the cup is to put the cup in the freezer over night and then the entire block should just pop out with a few taps on the bottom of the cup..