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Ask a Grower

Ask-a-Grower #88

I was told there is a solution I can purchase from you that you spray on the plant to help with spider mites and such and the solution actually puts like a wax film on the leaves, I was also told it can used in dread locks… I was wondering if you could please tell me the name of the solution and the cost.

From what you described it sounds like you are referring to neem oil. Neem oil is a thick liquid that is extracted from the neem tree. This product does just what you described in the way that it distributes a waxy coating over the plants vegetation forming a barrier between the plants tissue and the harmful bugs, in this case mites.

Neem oil is diluted in water and used as a foliar spray. It is an inexpensive solution and is most effective when used preventatively. If you currently have an infestation neem oil can help, however you may want to employ a different solution.

As far as for the dreads I’m not sure….it is an organically derived product so it won’t hurt you.