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Ask-a-Grower #93

Can you suggest simple hydro setup?

You’ll need 2 Lights 600 watts to 1000 watts to put over each tray. 600 and 750 watt systems run the most efficiently. Light systems can get expensive and your budget seems a little tight. I’ve know growers to get some used equipment with new bulbs from various places including display equipment from your local hydro store.

Your air flow might cost a bit to. The biggest thing is to purchase a charcoal filter (if necessary to mask odor). You can utilize a filter to different fans if you have the creative means to do so. That’s another item you might be able to find used if buying a good brand like vortex. Also with spring coming brings all the pollen in to the air which means you may need a intake filter to stop false pollination.

For the trays that sounds like a simple enough system mostly cause your not spending time every day watering. You have the option to run 2 different reservoirs for 2 different flowering times or just run one larger one to feed both at once. There is many different mediums you can use just grab something soil and calcium free and if choosing cocos switch to H&G Cocos base nutrient. And if you run 2 reservoirs that means 2 pumps and 2 sets of hoses (more money).

Your access to creative ideas and tools may help you save money. Hope we could help and apologize for taking so long to get back to you. We thank you for using Askagrower and will gladly help you with anymore questions you may have.

We hope this helps you out and look forward to answering any questions you may have in the future.