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Killing Spider Mites – Gardening Pests Part 1

Gardening can be a satisfying and altogether great experience. Whether or not you are selling your herbs and veggies to local markets or consuming them for personal use, bottom line is they equal money. Pests can literally go into your pockets and steal from you in a matter of days. S.D. Hydro has decided that we are fed up with these thieves and are waging war against them. In this series of articles we are going to help you ‘fight the good fight’ and show you how to put these little buggers to sleep for good. Now there are many ways to go about this,  this article is from pure experience talking and not taken from a web search. I, have personally guided hundreds of growers through these problems and have experienced all of them myself.

If you grow, you know, it eventually happens to all of us, so don’t  get discouraged if you have a pest problem. We are here to help.

*Any foliar spray or bombs should be used at night or when the lights are off to avoid burning*

Getting Rid of SPIDER MITES

The first pest I want to talk about is the ever present and almighty spider mite. Now these little guys can take over your entire garden within a matter of days so they are not to be taken lightly.
Spider mites live on the undersides of leaves and the first sign of them is usually white, speckled spots on the tops of the leaves. This is caused by their feeding on leaves, sucking the sap and nutrients from the leaf. Badly damaged leaves will eventually burn and prematurely fall off. Spider mites spawn from eggs which are also easily seen on the undersides of the leaves. During severe infestations, webs can be seen on the leaves and flowers. If left untreated, the plants will be seriously stressed, reducing yield, and even causing death. It is important to act fast with this pest as they multiply very fast, especially during periods of high temperatures and dry conditions. There are many supposed solutions for this little thief but I will give you some here that I know will work.

In my experience, the # 1 weapon of defense is a product called Floramite SC. This is a systemic pesticide meaning it actually seeps inside the plant, killing the mites by poisoning them when they eat. Floramite offers 30 days of protection per foliar application which also means that it is not to be used within 30 days of harvest as residuals can be harmful to consumers.

If you are close to harvest you will be in for an all out battle until the end. The best thing for you to do is use a product called SNS 17 along with pyrethrum bombs. SNS 17 is an organic pesticide made up of different types of oils. This can be used all the way up to harvest and is a good alternative to Floramite for you organic farmers. The eggs hatch every 3 to 5 days so Doktor Doom pyrethrum bombs should be used at least once a week to kill what you have missed with the SNS 17.