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Controlling Whitefly – Gardening Pests Part 4

Getting rid of Whiteflies

Whiteflies are a common pest and there are a few ways to deal with them.

It is actually the larvae that feed on the plant

Once they hatch from the eggs and they feed, the larvae leave behind a sticky residue, called honeydew, which adheres to the leaves and provides a place for sooty mold to grow. This mold will prevent photosynthesis and cause leaf damage. The adults just fly around and lay more eggs. They all live on the undersides of the leaves and are difficult to remove from your harvested fruits or flowers.

If not taken care of, these little garden robbers will kill your plants.

Yellow sticky traps work great to catch the flying adults that lay eggs and stop them from reproducing as much. Pyrethrum foliar sprays 3 times a week along with bombs twice a week will stop their progress enough to have a successful harvest. You can also use Azamax to regulate their growth and hinder the larvae from eating.

If you alternate all three of these you are sure to get rid of them. Seems like a lot but hey, this is war. When it comes to your precious crops, do whatever it takes.

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