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Grow tips: Get more from your veg.

Wanna give your plants an extra burst of life during the vegetative stage?

Consider using House and Garden’s Magic Green. Magic Green is a foliar spray that delivers micro-nutrients and beneficial bacteria directly onto your leaf’s surface, giving your plants a noticeable boost in vigor and strength. Aaaaaahhhh Magic Green, give your plants a little spray, it will make for a happy day :)

One thought on “Grow tips: Get more from your veg.

  • House and Garden Magic Green has worked wonders for my plants thus far. The foliage is greener and perkier than ever. Make sure to use this stuff in moderation. A light mist once ever 10 days or so should be sufficient. I use a mixture of 2tsp per quart (spray bottle size) with reverse osmosis water. Good Luck!

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