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Grow Tips: Add acid to your roots

When fulvic acid is added to your root zone, it attaches to the most important and neglected trace elements and other nutrients your plants need so they can give you lush vegetative growth and massive yields. Mad Farmer’s N.U.T.S. stands for Nutrient Up-Take Solution and is an organic, cold water extracted fulvic acid derived from humic shale.

4 thoughts on “Grow Tips: Add acid to your roots

  • i have a smuck or syrup like substance all over my roots. i am using a deep water culture program. everything was going fine, changed the buckets. one day gone by, and it’s thick, can’t even seem to get it off the roots by rinsing. please help. thnkyou

    • @Shawn: Does the coating feel slippery to the touch? You may have a problem with bio-slime. What is your room and water temp?

  • i just recently changed my bucket on my deep water cultre system one day later my roots develope and syrup like substance covering the roots. real thick, can’t even rinse off the roots. please tell me why this happened, how to correct it, and how to prevent it from happening again. thankyou.

  • This product is also an excellent foliar spray. It has a very low molecular weight which facilitates penetration into plants. Nutrients can be quickly delivered to all sites within the plant, correcting deficiencies and restoring natural balance.

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