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Ask a Grower

Ask-a-Grower #121

What do you recommend as a complete nutrient kit from start to finish on a soil grows?

I am a soil Gardener myself and I actually use two different nutrient lines.   I use House and Garden.  I also use BioBizz.  House and garden is overall my favorite.  There is a feed chart to help with the watering each week.  House and garden has a 2 part base nutrient called soil a & b.   You use equal parts of both throughout the veg and bloom cycle.  If you choose to run with their additives, you will notice superior quality and yield to anything else on the market.  Check them out online.

My second favorite is Biobizz.  In my opinion the best Organic line. They have multiple organic certifications (global).   So if organic matters I would choose biobizz. The more info we have as far as what you are looking for the better we can help.(budget, one part nutrient or multiple, do you want more hands “on” or “off”, chemical/organic, beginner or expert, etc…..)