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Ask-a-Grower #122

I’m in canna coco I use H & G PH at 5.8, I started using silica blast and my PH jumps to 6.4, should I bring PH down or leave it at 6.4?  It was a freebie so not using it, no problem, your input is appreciated.

I actually use silica blast as a ph up.  I will use silica blast as an up as long as I do not go over their recommended dosage.  I will usually switch to ph up when I get to half the silica blasts dosage (about 1/2 tsp per gal).   I believe silica blast works.  My plants seem to be stronger/harder with the silica.  Plus It cut my ph up us age in half!

One thought on “Ask-a-Grower #122

  • i tried silica shield seems to be about twice the strength of silica blast, in case anybody cares —– what would be considered a good harvest in a 4×4 600w —- when i switched to h&g i gained 1 oz per plant consistantly — good selling point

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