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Ask-a-Grower #124

I’m growing hydro and the top of my plants are turning light green and some wilting is present. The bottom leaves are healthy green. Is it a deficiency or what could be causing this?

There are some questions I have before I can answer your question.  There are always many variables that we need to narrow down.  What stage a growth are you in? how many weeks in that stage? What medium are the plants in?  How often are they feed /watered?  What nutrients do you use?  Do you know your PH and PPM?  What is the air temp and humidity?  What is the water temp?   Thanks for your question and I look forward to your answers so we can fix the issue.

I am using hydroton with the full line of cutting edge and im adding the fox farm additives in small quantities (open sesame right now). My ph ranges from 5.6 to 6 and my ec is at 1.75. I water 4 times a day for 15 min and my water is at 70. My air temp is fine during the day at 73 to 78 but it drops at night to 65. I don’t know my humidity but it isn’t too high. I am in transition a week and a half in.

I also use hydroton.  I use the green trees multi-flow system.  It’s a flood and drain system.  I only water 3 times a day, even for large plants.  I usually veg for at least 4-5 weeks.   Whenever I tried to water more often that 3 times, I see problems.  Keep in mind every plant and system is different.   Do you always water 4 times a day?  If this were my system I would cut back on the watering amounts.  I would set the timers to 3 times a day about every 4 hours.

I always start my watering about 45 min to an hour into the night cycle to allow plants to “wake up”.  Other than the watering frequency your system sounds in range.  Whenever I have an issue I start with a fresh water flush, then make my adjustment.   Let me know what you think about the change I recommend and if you made the change.   Thanks again for the question and email or call any location for any further questions.