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Ask a Grower

Ask-a-Grower #134

I asked for the fluids for my Hanna pen and 2 times they gave me the Hanna HI 7032 and I can’t calibrate the meter correctly. The stuff is expensive you know. Also, I was told I can’t use the less costing solutions because they mess up the meter, I found this is NOT true. It is only ph calibrated water. What gives?

I am Ryan the manager at out Beach Cities location.  I’m sorry for the inconvenience of getting the wrong item two times.  I want to get you the proper product without any further issues.  Hopefully we can make it worth the inconvenience. What store did you go to?  Also do you know who helped you?  What calibration solution do you need?

Hanna  has 3 different solutions to cal the tds/ppm or the EC.  Recently our hanna sales representative told our stores that we should only use hanna solutions to calibrate their instruments.  They said their solutions are different and have higher quality standards.  For instance their solutions have temperatures on the bottle showing what the solutions read at different temps in case you have a meter without temp on it.  Another big difference is hanna recommends using their 4.0 solution to store the ph probe (if you don’t have the storage solution)  and the GH cal solutions say use 7.0.  I still think it is ok to calibrate  ph w/ other solutions just not storage.  Again I apologize for the inconvenience and please let us know when we can make it better.  Thanks for letting us know and I’ll be waiting for a response.