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Ask-a-Grower #136

I am currently using the Lucas formula with G.H base nutrients; I am in the 4th week of flowering. Considering switching to house and garden nutrients. Can I switch my A&B nutrients during a cycle or should I finish with G.H?

I have personally changed up nutrients in the middle of a cycle.  I would like to make it a gradual process to limit any (if any) shock.  Start with a good system flush to clean out any build up.  Then when you switch to the A & B nutrients begin at a lighter than normal strength, maybe 50%-75%.  I would run this strength for the first couple days to a week, just to make sure there are no problems with the switch.  Then bump up the dosage to normal strength.  I recommend to follow the House and Garden feed chart. The chart is a great guideline for success. I do not know of a reason why switching brands of nutrients being a problem as long as you are stepping up in quality.  Some companies use higher quality ingredients than others.  And House and Garden is top of the line.  I hope this has been helpful.