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Ask a Grower

Ask-a-Grower #138

What is the best fertilizer to use with Ocean Forest soil during Veg stage?

The best????? I think that the best is going to be a matter of opinion.  I have used most of the brands we carry at our store, (GH, Botanicare, Cutting Edge, Fox Farm, Roots organic, Advanced Nutrients, Supernatural, etc….). If you have just transplanted, there is no need to start an addition fertilizer program right away.  I wait at least 1 week to add fertilizer to my watering (sometimes 2 weeks if 5 gal pot or more).  After that week or two, I start light on the nutrients (50%-75% strength). My favorite nutrients for Veg with the fox farm soils are:

House and Garden Soil A&B (super clean…my opinion… quality)

BioBizz Bio-Grow  (100% organic certified…my favorite organic food)

Fox Farm Grow Big (good ol’ Fox Farm)

Also if you want to water more often use Fox Farm Light Warrior with the Ocean Forest!! It’s a great mix.