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Ask-a-Grower #141 – Is there a better nutrient brand than Supernatural?

I am using the Supernatural Gro & Bloom nutes with TAP water in an ebb and flo table and getting excellent results! My plants are on third week into flower w/ no yellowing. Did you stop carrying the Supernatural brand? If so, why? Do you recommend a better nute?

We still carry the Supernatural brand.  Were we out of what you wanted the last time you came in?  If so, what location was it at?  I think that “Sunat” is a really good nutrient company, easy to use, good quality ingredients, ph buffered and ph stable.  Although supernatural is good, I always recommend my favorite, House and Garden.

In my experience H&G is the highest quality nutrients on the market.  H&G runs super clean in any system.  You will not get the same salty build up you get with the Sunat.  H&G is a little more complicated because you use a few different products at one time.  Check them out at

One thought on “Ask-a-Grower #141 – Is there a better nutrient brand than Supernatural?

  • Supernatural Nutes are for sure the Best! H&G is okay. Great in Coco, but ive never found anything to out perform supernatural. The pH buffering makes it soo easy too.

    One thing i do like from H&G is the drip clean, supernatural is a salt mineral based fertlizer, although the powders do dissolve 99%, drip clean does get that last bit. is their website. Hayoo!

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