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Ask-a-Grower #143

This is a follow up question on the House and Garden Magic Green. I want to give my babies the best so is it a good idea to mix a spray bottle with the H&G Magic Green, Liquid Seaweed, Dutch Master Saturator and Dutch Master Liquid Light all in the same bottle and apply it at the same time?

Personally I do NOT like to mix too many things on a foliar spray.  I had a BAD experience once (I used a potassium supplement with DM liquid light and at the time the saturator was called penetrator.  I also had azamax in the mix…..just tooooo much) and I won’t let that happen again.  I now will only use ONE product at a time.

I will still mix Saturator and Liquid Light and foliar spray with lights on.  But everything else I spray lights OFF. I know other people still mix the saturator with other foliar, I just have my preferences and like it “better safe than sorry”. I haven’t had a bad foliar experience since……,(knock on wood).  I look forward to more questions.