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Ask-a-Grower #147 – House and Garden Top Booster or Fox Farm Open Sesame?

I have another product comparison question since everyone on forums loves to argue back and forth I thought I’d just ask you. Do you prefer House and Garden Top Booster or Fox Farm Open Sesame? Which works best and in your experience when and how much do you apply?

I have used both products.  I used Fox Farm for a couple years and I have been using House and Garden for the past few years.  In short I am a House and Garden fan all the way!  Fox Farm is a great nutrient line but in my opinion not the best.  In my opinion Fox Farm is too “salty”. The whole H&G line is super clean and top quality.

Now Top Booster and Open Sesame are two different products.  The Open sesame is use in early flower; the Top booster is used only for ONE week during peak flower.  Top Booster triggers the plants naturally aggressive flowering period with high levels of phosphorus and potassium.  Even though Open Sesame also has high levels of phosphorus and potassium they have different ratios and are used in separate parts of the flower cycle.  I have never tried using either product out of place so I don’t know how they would react if used outside of the manufactures guideline schedule.  Personally I say follow H&G all the way. Then if we want to we can add some other additives like beneficial bacteria and fungus, sweeteners, etc… But the H&G is all we need.