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Ask-a-Grower #156 – What’s your experience with Advanced Nutrients?

I have been watching a lot of the web series Urban Grower at and it has some really good information but he does praise the nutrient line Advance Nutrients. I wanted to know your experience and take on the product line.

I ran into different parts of the Advanced Nutrient line.  My opinion is it is a really good nutrient line.  I do not think they are the best.  The Advanced line is too expensive for my preference.  I use House and Garden, I get comparable if not better yields than I did with any other line out there (this includes the quality).  Again I know if you were to use Advanced you should be satisfied. It’s just that I know you will like the House and Garden better.  House and Garden have a better and more concentrated product line.  And if you are stuck on Advanced still use H&G root excelurator instead of voodoo by Advanced (much better more concentrated product.  Both are beneficial bacteria +).

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