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Ask-a-Grower Podcast #1 – House & Garden Nutrients Roots Excelurator


Introducing Roots Excelurator

So we are here this morning talking about House & Garden products and we are going to start with Roots Excelurator.  Roots Excelurator is the top showpiece in the House and Garden nutrient line. It’s a root stimulant that actually works by forming a membrane around the roots. It’s full of beneficial bacteria and fungus.

It protects the plants’ root system from the harmful bacteria of pythium or physarium and will actually rid your plants of any of these root diseases.

It’s the most powerful roots stimulant on the market at 1.1 mils per gallon. Intended use for a Roots Excelurator is actually as a vegatative and rooting stimulant , it is used through the cutting and seedling stage, all throughout the entire vegetative stage no matter how long you go, and for about the first half of flowering.

On a 6 week cycle, your gonna use it up until about the 3rd week of flowering. On an 8 week cycle, your gonna use it up until about the 4th week of flowering, on a 10 week cycle the 5th, and a 12 week cycle the 6th.  Always at 1.1 mils per gallon. You’re gonna use it weekly. And you do not, very important, you do not want to use Roots Excelurator with any sort of hydrogen peroxide product. Anything that will kill benefical bacteria will make Roots Excelurator null and void.

Q: Can I use Roots Excelurator with tap water?

We suggest that you try to let your water sit out over night to try and let some of the chloramine be removed, it would be better if you have a chloramine remover.

Q: So does the chlorine and chloramines kill the beneficials in Roots Excelurator?

They are not beneficial, they will not work together well. Chloramines is actually chlorine bound to ammonia, and you will not be able to let that gas out of your standing water. Chlorine, on the other hand, if you pull your standing water within 24 hours, the chlorine will gas out of the water. Chloramines require something like a big blue filter, different types of reverse osmosis or other types of filteration to remove the chloramines.

I was gonna say, Hydro Logic makes a special filter to replace the standard carbon, its the KDC Filters, and they take out i wanna say about 99% of all chloramines also.

And just a note, the chloramines are usually in the local tap water to help keep bacterias out of your drinking water, so  just an idea of what the chlorines and chloramines are there for.

Q: So once I open my bottle of Roots, how long can I store it, how long is it good for?

So the best way to store Roots Excelurator after the bottle’s been opened, is in a cool, dark place, like a closet or somewhere like that. You want to keep it out of direct sunlight and out of heat. After it’s opened I would say its probably good for 6 months to a year. The shelf life of an  unopened bottle is anywhere from 1 to 2 years.

I think the better you keep the air out of the product and possibly even the cooler you keep it, the longer your product will stay a little more lively.

Q: Should I  keep Roots Excelurator in the refrigerator?

I believe you can, but I’d still prefer a cool, dark place. I think you wanna try to maintain it somewhere in the 65-70 degree would be optimum temperature range. Refrigerators and such start to get a little cool.

Q: So can I use Roots Excelurator with any product, or can I only use it with House & Garden?

Obviously we prefer you use all the House & Garden products. My first answer would be why would you use anything else when that’s the best stuff around? With that being said, the Roots Excelurators are absolutely compatible with all nutrient lines. I wouldn’t use it with other root stimulants though, just because you’re going to be doubling up and there is really no reason for that.

There are also other products on the market that actually run bacteria free systems, and they run cleaning agents with their products. So maybe one other thing you you wanna watch out about, is adding Roots Excelurator to a nutrient that kills bacterias and relies on pure enzymes that process.

Q: Do I use Roots Excelurator for clones, or to actually create the roots?

Roots Excelurator is great!  Again it has a beneficial bacteria in it that prevents disease, so even seed to clone, its a great product to use just to ensure you have never have any disease attacking your root system.

Roots Excelurator can be used with any growing system, cocos, hydro, rock, soil, rockwool, etc.

Q: So once I open the bottle and bring it home, what can i expect from Roots Excelurator? What’s it going to do for my plants, my harvest, my yield?

It’s going to protect your plants by forming the membrane around the roots. The better the roots, the better your fruits. We have a stronger root system, protected from any disease or harm, your going to have healthier plants able to eat more, drink more, and grow more.

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