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Ask-a-Grower #161 – Which soil is best to start with?

So I’ve tried my hand at hydro systems, and it’s not working for me. It’s too time consuming etc. So I’m going soil, but I don’t know where to start. Which soil is best to start with; say I’m starting from a clone? Where would I buy this soil?

Good question! Whenever starting with a clone I want to make sure the potting soil is not too rich in nutrients.  When you have a young plant too much fertilizer can burn or even kill a plant.  At San Diego Hydroponics & Organics we have many different soil brands.  Each brand has different types of soil.  Some have more nutrients and some have better drainage.  My personal favorites are:

  • Fox Farm Ocean Forest w/ Fox Farm Light Warrior
  • BioBizz All-mix and BioBizz Light-mix
  • Roots Organics Greenfields, and Roots Organics potting soil.

All have different ingredients and different drainage.  Call or come into any location for the soil.  Most bags 1.5 cu ft. and the price ranges from $15-$22 per bag.  When you come in ask about our loyalty card program where you receive 10% off each purchase.   If you have any more questions please email or call any SD Hydro store.

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