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Ask-a-Grower Podcast #2 – House & Garden Nutrients Drip Clean


Introducing Drip Clean

We are here talking about Drip Clean, one of House & Garden’s top notch products, probably one of the only ones on the market like it. The only to ensure you no salt build up and mineral deposit build ups in drip lines, and keeps everything tasting amazing.

Q: Is Drip Clean only for drip systems?

Originally Drip Clean was designed to help keep your drip systems clean, but it actually stops any toxic levels of salt from being stored up in the leaves of the plant, which we all know takes at least a couple of weeks to flush out. And doesn’t taste very desirable at all either.

Q: How is salt getting in our fresh water?

All mineral based nutrients are built on salt molecules.

So basically when you add your base nutrient fertilizers, those are all salt based fertilizers.

What Drip Clean does is actually form an ionic bond with those salt molecules, so when it’s flushed through it grabs the salt molecule and drags it out with it.  One of the things you need to know about Drip Clean is that you wouldn’t want to introduce this product after you have been using salt based fertilizers for a long time. Say you’ve used salt based fertilizers all the way through the vegetative stage, and you go a couple of weeks into bloom, you wouldn’t want to introduce Drip Clean at that point at full strength, because it’s going to take all that salt that is built up in the containers, the tubing, or the medium, and it’s going to flush it all through the root system. It will take it all up and potentially burn your plants. So you want to use Drip Clean from the very beginning all the way through. So anytime from the very beginning of using NPK salt base fertilizers, all the way through you are going to want to use Drip Clean.

It’s another one of these super concentrated products from House & Garden. You will use it at a rate of .4 milliliters per gallon. That translates roughly to 20 drops per gallon of water, totally keep your piping and medium and everything free of salt build up.

Q: Drip Clean, can you use it with any other product out there?

You know again, just like I said earlier with Roots Excelurator, you’ll want to use the House & Garden products, there’s no getting around that. But if you are sold on your old school ways and want use something else, you can definitely use Drip Clean with all other salt based nutrients. Again, you are just going to want to use it from the very beginning from the first time you introduce fertilizer until the very end.

And also when using Drip Clean, it allows you to not have as long as a of a flush period towards the end. Because Drip Clean forms an ionic bond with the other salts in the watering, you can flush for only 3-4 days at the end, rather than a full week. And you do not need to use a cleaning agent with it. Using Drip Clean during the whole life, and then fresh water at the end will be a suitable flush.

Q: Does Drip Clean take anything away from the soil?

Not at all, it’s just helping break down the harder minerals in the soil as much as the the drip line or any other medium you choose to use to make sure its released and actually usable for the plant. Any nutrients in excess tend to be stored into the plants leaf which inhibits the flavor. So Drip Clean ensures that these things are broken down and actually used by the plant instead of stored in the excess in the leaves which can actually burn the plant.

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