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Ask-a-Grower #163 – Fertilizing teenage plants

Got some teenagers in miracle grow plant and veggie (3 month) and wondering what to use to fertilize additionally?  For bloom, do you have any suggestions?

When you said “got some teenagers in miracle grow plant and veggie (3 month)” did you mean your plants have been in that soil for 3 months, or does the soil have time released fertilizers that last for 3 months?  Also how big are the pots you are using?  Are these plants grown indoor or outdoor?  There are a lot of soil amendments or bloom boosters to use.  Please get back to me so we can get what is perfect for your needs.

They are in 2 gal, in the time released 3 month MG, indoor to answer your questions.

I would not add any additional fertilizer to a time released mixture until I know for sure most of the fertilizer has been used.  There are additives that can be added.  Any type of beneficials like mycorrhizae and bacteria.  Some good products are Plant Success’ Great White it has both mycorrhizae and bacteria.  Another product I can’t go without is House and Garden’s Root Excelurator which has strains of bacteria that not only help promote healthy root growth but also protect and cure plants of root rot.  There are many different brands those are just my favorite.  Other additives that would be safe to use would be ant kelp extract with a low N-P-K value.  Enzyme products are also good additives; they help aid in the breakdown of nutrients for easier nutrient uptake.  These enzymes also help break down any old residuals or old root matter.  My favorites are H&G Multi Zen and Hygrozyme.

How long have your plants been in the 2 gal pots? How much area do you have? How many total plants? How tall can the plants get without getting burned by the light?  What type of light are you using and what is the wattage?

I only like keeping my plants in a 2 gal pot for 2-3 weeks tops.  Then 1-2 weeks before I want to bloom I transplant into a 4-7 gal pot.  My total veg time is usually 4-5 weeks.  If you choose to do the same I would get a good organic potting soil.  This way I can use the fertilizers I like.  I like having more control over what the plants get and when.  I use time released only when I want do less work (with time released all you have to add is plain water and everything should turn out well). When I use a nutrient line I can dial in the plants needs for each process in the plants reproductive cycle. I hope this will help you grow.

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