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Ask-a-Grower Podcast #3 – House & Garden Nutrients Magic Green


Introducing Magic Green

We are continuing our talks about the House & Garden products and we are moving onto Magic Green. Magic Green is a truly unique product from House & Garden. It’s a foliar spray. You’re going to want to use this foliar spray every 2 weeks at about 5-10 mils per gallon. What Magic Green does, it has a full range of macro/micro nutrients as well as some beneficial bacteria. What happens with this product is it fills the spacial niches in the leaves surface. On a microscopic level the leaf is not smooth, it has all these cavities and niches.  What happens is the beneficial bacteria that are in Magic Green fill those areas, and keeps other harmful bacteria from being able to grow on the leaf’s surface.  It helps prevent things like powdery mildew, it helps prevents mold. The nitrogens that are in Magic Green move right into the vascular system of the plants.

Magic Green is also amazing for when your roots or your plant is having any trouble at all and actually cannot absorb the nutrients in the root system. It’s a great foliar feed to get your plant through those times where it can’t use the roots to feed and it actually still needs the nutrients. So you spray it in and it goes right in intravenously and it gives the plant the nutrients to carry through the hard times, until it can get its root system healthy again.

Q: How often can I use Magic Green and is it dependent on what cycle my plants are in?

We don’t recommend you use Magic Green more than once during the seedling or cutting stage. So before the plant is really balanced or set and the roots are growing, we would only recommend using it once. After the plant has acclimated to its environment, probably every 2 weeks, aggressive strength would be 10 mils per gallon, normal strength would be about 5 mils per gallon.

On that same subject too, especially with rootings and cuttings, the Magic Green actually feeds the plant. So if you were to spray it on a cutting, once is fine. It carries it through it’s difficult time as it grows roots. But more than that, it’s basically feeding off of the Magic Green and really not wanting to push the roots out to eat as bad.

Magic Green should always be sprayed with the lights off. Spraying under HID lighting or other intense light can burn and actually harm the plant.

It’s also recommend that you use all diluted Magic Green basically within one sitting, for sure within one day. Because Magic Green contains beneficial bacteria that will be become anaerobic if left diluted.  So say you mix up some Magic Green, leave it for a couple of weeks, then spray it on your plants, this is not a good scenario.

Actually as soon as you use the Magic Green, pretty much clean your product, your spray containers out. It will start to go bad as soon as 24 hours of mixing.

Q: So when I am using this, I’m spraying it…How careful do I need to be around my fruit, or I am just trying to focus this on the leaves?

You can spray the whole plant with the Magic Green, its completely natural and absorbed by the leaves and the flowers. But towards the later stages of flowering, we suggest you at least not to add it past the last week of flowering. We also lower the dosage on the last feeding of the flowering schedule. Just try to focus a little more on the leaves towards the last stages.

Q: How does it protect the plants from insects?

Basically, one of the components of the Magic Green forms a waxy layer around the plants. The mandible, or the jaw of some of the smaller insects is not strong enough to get through that waxy layer.

This layer also offers a food for the bacteria that is also sprayed on, which lives up to 7-10 days, so that is why we really only suggest spraying Magic Green every 2 weeks.

Q: What happens when you spray a light dosage with the lights on?

Not so much just Magic Green, but most foliar spays, in general,  just spraying water on your plants in these intense light  or under day light, it kinda acts as a magnifying glass and will burn it straight through.

Yeah, the water droplets act as a magnifying glass intensifying the light, and will just burn the leaf structure underneath.

Not to mention, just way too much spraying of high amounts of humidity will also clog the breathing stomata on the leaf also.

Q: Can I use Magic Green with surfactants?

There hasn’t been any issues using it with surfactants. Obviously it absorbs in pretty well by itself, does a stand up job on its own. A lot of sides behind it, so I am sure it already has a surfactant in it.

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