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Ask-a-Grower Podcast #4 – House & Garden Nutrients Algen Extract


Q: What Is Algen Extract?

It’s a concentrated growth stimulant which promotes leafy green growth. Algen Extract is premium liquid blend of Norwegian sea kelp, it’s the fastest growing plant on the planet at about one foot per day.  It’s super strong and highly concentrated. Algen Extract delivers straight into your garden high, high levels of this active life from inside the kelp which aides the plants growth; cytacatins (sp???), oxyins, vitamins, all sorts of good stuff for the plants. It’s still living too because of the cold water extraction.

Q: Why Does Cold Water Extraction Matter?

The cold water extraction ensures the maximum amount of  biological life present in the Norwegian Sea Kelp is kept fresh and maintained alive until placed inside the bottle.

Q: When Do I Use Algen Extract?

As soon as roots develop on your clones, go ahead and begin to the use Algen Extract.
Algen Extract is used all the way through the plants vegetative stage at 1ml to 2ml per gallon.

Q: Can I use Algen Extract during flowering phases?

It can be used in flowering with caution.  Because the Norwegian Sea Kelp is one of the fastest growing plants, introducing too much of these good things during flowering could cause the plants to stretch.  In flowering you are looking to get different results out of the plant, you don’t want the plant concentrating so much on leafy green growth.

Q: Is Algen Extract Used Only To The Root Zone Or Can It Be Used As A Foliar Spray?

House & Garden suggests definitely using it to the root zone as a feed for the roots.  There are people who definitely use Algen Extract as a foliar spray, but we do not suggest it.

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