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Ask-a-Grower Podcast #5 – House & Garden Nutrients Multi Zen


Introducing Multi Zen

So we are here this morning talking about House & Garden products and we are going to move on to Multi Zen. Multi Zen is House & Garden’s enzyme product. It’s an extremely useful growth stimulator, and basically eccelerates and simplifies the growth process, as well as strengthening the plants natural immunity. The enzymes present in Multi Zen convert the nutrients into a ready to use form, making it easy to assimilate by the plant. Multi Zen is a collection of a wide range of useful enzymes, all of which are very important for different plant processes and processes in the plants’ environment. They are small catalysts that trigger these processes. So the enzymes are small catalysts that trigger these processes and keep them running. There are enzymes that help to convert the plants nutrients, others that strengthen it’s immune system, and even more that will help to dispose of residuals in the substrate. In short , it’s a very important element for successful growth with a great turn over.

We are here talking about House & Garden products, and we are moving onto Multi Zen. Multi Zen is an enzyme based  growth stimulant. It’s enzyme based, and basically aids the plant in many ways. One thing that the enzymes do is they break down the dead root mass, so you don’t get a lot of dead root mass in there that can turn bad bacteria…(oh shit he then says…)

Multi Zen also…enzymes have a unique ability that when they are breaking down plant material, they can actually turn it to sugar for the plant to use. So the plant can actually process it’s own degrading material and use it as a vital sugar to go back into the plant.

Mulit Zen is an all plant based enzymes, and a very natural, healthy product. Really a top notch enzyme to use a lot of different nutrients. Obviously formulated and works best with House & Garden, but is a great enzyme for all situations.

Q: On the House & Garden feed chart, it says to use during the first 30% of the flowering cycle….Can I use it longer than that, and can I use it vegative stages, or with mother plants where I’m having plant growth go for a very long time?

Again, Multi Zen is great for mother plants. It helps clean up your old root material, so again, that stuff can build up in the plant. Even nutrients can tend to sometimes build up excess in the mother plant. So it’s great to have Multi Zen, probably every 2 weeks to a month, depending probably how long your plants have been in the medium, and how much excess nutrients they may have stored that need help to be cleaned up.

And Multi Zen is another one of the super concentrated products that House & Garden has to offer. The dosage 3.8 milliliters per gallon, which is about 1 milliliter per liter.

And we do suggest using this product up until you start to see your flowers form. That is pretty much when the plants are ready for it’s next type of enzymes to begin their flower growth.

Q: What would it do the plants flowers if you continued to use Multi Zen?

Good question! This is feedback we are still actually waiting on. Multi Zen has been used all the way through the flowering process. We have never heard any bad complaints about it.  Again, enzymes clean up root material and they do help break down nutrients for the plant.  House & Garden does not necessarily suggest to use Multi Zen the whole way through because of the balance of enzymes. Every time of the plants life needs a different type of enzyme sometimes…so not suggested, but okay if you feel its beneficial for your variety of plant.

Always use the House & Garden by the feeding chart. Some of these beneficial products in here are very powerful, so if you tend to go over board, you can trigger things that you would not want triggered so fast in the plant. Less is always safe if you choose on adjusting the products.

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