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Ask-a-Grower Podcast #6-House & Garden Nutrients Bud-XL


Introducing Bud-XL

Here with the group talking Bud XL now for House & Garden. This is a fascinating product, this one.  Definitely, if you want bigger fruits you’re gonna want to have a piece of this.

Bud XL is a great enzyme product. Used at 3.8 mil, as soon as you start to see your flowers form,  you’ll want to start to use the Bud XL in your flowering stage. This has vitamins, enzymes, also again helps with immunity.  Yeah, great product here. We use it…on an 8 week chart we’ve got it start it at week 4 til the finish of flowering. On a ten week chart we start it at week 5. On a 12 week chart we start it at week 6. Again one of the main flowering stimulants.

What you want to know about this is that Bud XL needs also a PK to be added with it. So when you are using Bud XL in any situation you wanna try to get another phosphorous or potassium product for this Bud XL to actually be brought to the plant.

So Bud XL utilizes special enzymatic processes to move sugar from the large leaf bracks into the flower sites. These processes result in an increased yield, as well as an overall sweetness and a more robust flower production.

On any of our enzyme products, or anytime you are using enzymes, it is always good to be cautious about PH levels, temperatures. Enzymes really rely on proper PH balances for them to function properly. If you are trying to add Bud XL into really bad PH environments, or you’re not keeping your PH controlled, you are going to slow the product down by not letting the enzymes function properly.

And like we were saying earlier, Bud XL is a product that works through enzymes, and it is not a NPK, it does not really affect your parts per million. So when using it,  just be aware that you have to have those actual nutrients in there to feed the plants.

Great product when used in conjunction with the Shooting Powder.  Those two go hand in hand and you won’t be able to fit anything in your hand after you’re done.

Q: Is there another product like Bud XL on the market?

Nothing that we know of at this time.

Again, most products I think they blend different ways, and also in many different bottles. You have the opportunity to here to grab everything, a complete diet in one bottle to encourage all of the plants natural strengths – more vitamins, the proper enzymes for the large flower build, and also to ensure that our sugars in our leaves are brought to the flowers, they are not just wasted on the outer sugars. So again, much sweeter fruit.  A great balanced diet, and can be used in conjunction with most other PKs.

Q: Am I going to notice anything different with the actual growth of the plant? Like, do I get yellow leaves faster? Or is that going to be a normal process?

Bud XL again has natural abilities in it to encourage plant growth and different triggers in the plant. Bud XL is definitely suggested to use at the proper amount, if you tend to want to over use it, you may over stimulate certain triggers in the plant and this could lead to premature leaf shut down, or premature flower shut down.

Again, Bud XL is mainly focused on moving sugar around the plant.  It’s mainly focused on moving the sugar out of the leaf structure and into the flowers, just to kinda enhance the plants’ natural flavor. A lot of times people will want to introduce synthetic carbohydrates or other carbohydrate products to fill the plant up full of sugar, while Bud XL is increasing the plant’s natural sugars. So basically it’s increasing the plants natural flavors, and all the good stuff the plant naturally has.

Q: So it is okay to use to Bud XL with other natural sweeteners like raw sugars or molasses?

Anytime you are using an enzyme product molasses is a good thing to use. The molasses will actually help feed any microbial life.  But regarding the synthetic carbohydrate compounds, when you are using Bud XL, these are just not going to be necessary. If you are using it to feed the enzymes that is one thing, but you if you are trying to introduce synthetic carbohydrates to flavor the plant, the you’re gonna be masking the plants natural flavors anyways.  So you’re gonna want to leave out those products, maybe use a little molasses to feed the enzymes, but you’re going to want to leave out all the other stuff.

Again, molasseses are great. If you find yourself adding a lot of excess beneficial teas, more mycorrhizae and fungus, these things can tend to help feed off the excess sugars. But this would really be one of the only reasons to be adding excess sugar to House & Garden.

Basically House & Garden is purely going to let the plant to produce its own natural flavors. We do not want to inhibit the plant’s natural flavors that it has to offer. So anytime are you’re going to add a synthetic carb or a molasses type sugar, not only does it take special enzymes to break down those sugars to make them available for the plant, which means anybody adding house, “sugar cane” sugar to their garden, it’s not going to be very effective. It’s actually going to change the flavor of the plant you will be very lucky if you enjoy it.

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