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The Chronicle -Issue 005- New Podcast Series

The Chronicle by San Diego Hydroponics

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What’s New At The Shop?

Ask-A-Grower Podcasts

What are the the Ask-A-Grower Podcasts?  They are information packed interviews with our industry’s leading minds and manufacturers.  In our efforts to bring you truly the best material, SD Hydro has been actively embracing new technologies and mediums of teaching and passing along the best of what we find.

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The first 13 episodes:

For our first 13 episodes we brought together some of the best minds of House and Garden Nutrients at our Lakeside location for a round-table discussion about each product.   Thank you for listening and please enjoy.

Upcoming Episodes Include:

  • House & Garden Nutrients
  • BioBizz World Wide
  • Aurora Innovations
  • Bluelab
  • Smart Pots
  • Hortilux
  • Sunmaster
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Humco Hydro
  • Earth Juice
  • Xtreme Gardening
  • Beneficial Biologicals
  • Gualala Robotics
  • Zero Tolerance
  • Botanicare
  • Cutting Edge Solutions
  • Grodan
  • Horticontrol
  • Humboldt Wholesale
  • Organic Bountea
  • Plant Success
  • Royal Gold
  • Serenade Garden
  • Sierra Natural Sciences
  • Supernatural
  • Air pots
  • The Other Tomato
  • Turboklone

What’s This Months Online Special?

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Store Update

*  New South Bay location Coming Soon.
*  Come see the new vertical aquaponics garden in our PB store.
*  Customer Appriciation Day’s raffle results are posted here.
*  Check us out in Rosebud Magazine this month.

Website Update

*  3000+ NEW PRODUCTS!! The Sunlight Supply catalog will be coming online soon!!
*  New Ask-A-Grower Podcast series launched with information packed interviews.
New Articles & Grow tips being launched daily.
*  Moving to faster servers to speed up user experience.
FREE Gnat Stix – Ends 5/12/11 – Use Promo Code: Gnat Stix
FREE Shipping – Orders over $50

SD Hydro Internships Now Available.

We are looking for a self-motivated, energetic and hard-working student for a marketing internship, beginning immediately. The internship will cover marketing, web development, ecommerce, public relations and events through real, hands-on experience. Working in a small company, the intern will have a wide variety of responsibilities and tasks, fully integrating with the marketing team and assisting with everything from day-to-day media and consumer outreach to long-term plans and events.

Click Here For More Details & Instructions On How To Apply

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