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Ask-a-Grower #164 – What’s the difference between Sugar Daddy and Sweeteners?

I use Botanicare pro grow, pro bloom and liquid karma. Anything else I should add? What’s the difference between Sugar Daddy and Sweeteners? How often should I trim in all stages?

Botanicare has a great feeding schedule that is easy to follow.  You can check out their feed sheets at If you are using reverse osmosis water it is recommended to use Cal-mag plus.  I have personally run Botanicare’s pro line.  I used the pro grow, pro bloom, cal-mag, silica blast, karma, and hydroplex. Hydroplex is a really good additive that really helps with bigger yields.   I always had good results.

What’s the difference between Sugar Daddy and Sweeteners?

Sugar Daddy is a sweetener.  Most nutrient companies offer a sweetener.  I never used the sweet because Botanicare only had certain flavors citrus and berry.  I did not want additional flavor, just natural flavor enhancers.  Botanicare recently came out with a Sweet Raw, which has no additional flavor.  I currently use a few different sweeteners (at different times):  Cutting Edge Sugaree (OMRI listed organic), Earth Juice Hi-Brix (molasses for plants), and BCUZZ Flavor.  I have not personally tried Sugar Daddy but I like the company that makes it, Technaflora.  They make a good organic based base nutrient called Pura Vida.

I only like to trim my plants in certain stages.  I will usually “top” and “thin out” my plants throughout the vegetative stage.  If you “top” your plants it’s a good idea to let the plants VEG for at least 1-2 weeks before you start the flower cycle.  I also do most of my trimming (or thinning out) 1-2 weeks before flower cycle.  Then, once my flower sites appear I will do another light trimming.  This light trimming will thin out my plants to allow more light to reach most flower sites.  Be careful not to go overboard.  Just a couple leaves here and there.  I would say trim maybe 10%. Also a good rule of thumb is to never cut more than 1/3 of a plant off at one time, this will most likely result in extreme shock and extra stress for the plant.  I have trimmed throughout all stages, I just found out my plants stress less when I do it this way.

I hope this has been helpful and please email or call any location if you have any more questions.

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