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Ask-a-Grower Podcast #11-House & Garden Nutrients Aqua Flakes A&B


Introducing Aqua Flakes A&B

We’re sitting here at San Diego Hydroponics, and we’re talking about House and Garden Nutrients. We’re moving on to some other base nutrients…and we’re moving on to Aqua Flakes A&B. Aqua Flakes A&B is specifically for re-circulating hydroponics. They have increased levels of macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients. Basically, in a re-circulating hydroponic system the water passes by a magnetically driven pump, you know multiple times throughout a day. The mag drive can take out elements like iron, and magnesium, and different elements like that. So we’ve increased these levels, or House and Garden has increased these levels.

Q: Can I use any medium when using Aqua Flakes as long as it’s re-circulating?

We do suggest then mostly all  re-circulating systems, even when you’re using a cocos to preferably use the Aqua Flakes so you, uh, don’t lose that mineral stability. Coco obviously has higher amounts of calcium and magnesium in it itself…so I don’t suggest coco and hydro the absolute best formula. So Agua A&B again, if you’re using Spagma Peat moss and re-circulating, or Coco and re-circulating, hydrogen, rockwool, you name it…basically if you have a standing reservoir that your nutrients are stored in and you feed the plants and your water returns to your reservoir, probably your best choice is gonna be the Aqua Flakes.
Aqua Flakes again is base nutrient and you’re gonna use it all the way through the veg and flowering, super concentrated and super pure, I’ve never seen reservoirs that stay so clean as when using the Aqua Flakes. Again, it’s an A & B, you never want to mix the A  &B the at the same time, you know refer to the mixing instructions I spoke about previously, or the nutrient calculator, or the House & Garden feed charts. For mixing instructions. Aqua Flakes can also be used in drained away hydroponics if need be.

Q: Is there a certain method of hydroponics that Aqua Flakes is recommended for over others?

Where the nutrient is made in Holland, the preferred method of growing is actually rockwool.  Here in the states, our personal feedback deep water culture systems seem to be great for the product as well.  Yeah basically any hydroponic application is great for Aqua Flakes.

Q: Can you talk about mixing the products?

Basically mixing any of the A / B  products is the same. What you’re gonna wanna do is fill up your nutrient tank about 80% with fresh water. Then you’re gonna wanna mix the A component, and stir it up real well.  Let it stand for about 15 minutes.  And then mix the B component, and then stir it up real good and let it stand for about 15 minutes.  At this point you will check and adjust the PH level.  The optimum PH level for hydroponics is anywhere from 5.8 to 6.3. The optimum PH level for soil is anywhere from 6 to 6.5. So you’re going to want to adjust the PH level into that optimum range, and then you’re going to want to add the stimulants.  Like I spoke about earlier, the stimulants are very acidic, they are stored in an acidic solution to maintain the biological life, and when you add that to the nutrient reservoir its gonna cause a fluxuation in your previously adjusted PH level. This, once everything stabilizes and the biological life goes to work, will naturally correct itself.   And you should see the PH come back up within the range that you had previously set it. And you’re going to want to wait until the PH naturally corrects itself to use your feed water. Give it a few hours and check it again, everything should have stabilized.    If not, you can at that point re-adjust it as needed.

Q: Can you use House and Garden with any plant?

House & Garden Nutrients is a basic fertilizer and is compatible with all different types of plants.

One thought on “Ask-a-Grower Podcast #11-House & Garden Nutrients Aqua Flakes A&B

  • Using the aqua flakes, along with some mad farmer nuts and silica shield, am I unae to use 3% diluted h202 hydrogen peroxide in my DWC ? I hear h202 kills the beneficial organisms in the organic solution and base nutrients as well as the bad ones . Help me clear this confusion up asap. Whats safe to use? Should I get organic h202 alternative stuff?

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