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Ask-a-Grower #165-What makes Flower Dragon so good? Plant Growth Regulators?

I’m looking for info on Flower Dragon. People have been telling me that it’s significantly better than p-load or bushmaster. Do you carry it? What makes it so good?

I would be wary of products like Flower Dragon.  Flowering stimulants that produce UNBELIEVABLE results and only claim minimal levels of Nitrogen, Phosphorous or Potassium (NPK) most likely contain harmful Plant Growth Regulators or PGR’s.  These products are commonly used in markets outside the US and have been showing up here more and more.

To understand this better you need to know more about PGR’s.  There are two basic types of PGR’s, natural and synthetic.

Natural PGR’s are plant based and are NOT harmful, they occur naturally in seaweed and other plant varieties…this is why products that contain cold pressed seaweed, like House & Garden’s Algen Extract, are so beneficial.

The second type, synthetic PGR’s, ARE harmful and are not legally allowed to be used on consumable crops.  The California Department of Food & Agriculture or CDFA does not allow these products and this is why you won’t find them claimed on the derived from statement or guaranteed analysis on the label of these suspect products like Flower Dragon.  The most common synthetic PGR’s are:

    1. Prohexadione

    2. paclobutrazol

    3. Chlormequatchloride

      These products have been shown to be carcinogenic and are definitely not recommended for consumable crops.

      For increased yields and better flowering results we at San Diego Hydroponics recommend products like Mad Farmer MOAB or House & Garden’s Shooting Powder.  These products have extremely high levels of Phosphorous and Potassium, produce great results and are much safer for the consumer.

      Hope this answers your question.  Please don’t hesitate to ask more questions if you need more clarity.

      3 thoughts on “Ask-a-Grower #165-What makes Flower Dragon so good? Plant Growth Regulators?

      • Good to see a straight up answer with candid honesty from a hydroponic store. Yes Flower Dragon consists of synthetic PGRs and I am sure you will be hearing more about this in the near future.

        Go well – Glow —- anti PGR crusader since 2003:-)

      • BTW _ I should add that there are a bunch of chemical PGRs that can be used or combinations thereof – all potentially have toxicity issues. Alar is the PGR that has been linked to being a human carcinogen but in fact this was largely as a result of a 60 minutes beat up in 1989 (the alar scare) and in fact the levels of alar used which ignited this scare were in fact probably not harmful and certainly wouldn’t have (at least where the science stands) proven carcinogenic.


        You’ll find lab analysis of Flower Dragon, Phosphoload, Top Load, Gravity and Bushmaster here. In brief

        Flower Dragon: 18,400-18,650ppm Daminozide, 30-46.3ppm Paclobutrazol
        Phosphoload: 17,800ppm Daminozide, 20.6ppm Paclobutrazol
        TopLoad: 3,467ppm Daminozide
        Bushmaster: 271ppm Paclobutrazol
        Gravity: 516ppm Paclobutrazol

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