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Ask-a-Grower Podcast #12-House & Garden Nutrients Cocos A&B


Introducing Cocos A&B

We are at San Diego Hydroponics talking about House and Garden nutrients, we are onto the base nutrients and we’re talking about the Cocos A & B.

If you have ever grown with the coco before you know it takes an extremely precise nutrient formulation to get it just right with coco. The coco medium itself can hold onto phosphorous and potassium, so basically it’s a base nutrient from H&G which is just a unique formulation that’s designed specifically for coco mediums.

We were saying earlier in the aqua flakes discussion, that you can use aqua flakes in coco mediums as long as it’s a  re-circulating hydroponics ssytem, which is true.

You can also you the cocos A&B for hand watering coco…anytime you have a coco medium present, cocos medium is a great choice. It’s just a small adjustment in the formulation, all the base minerals are the same. Small adjustment in the formulation just to kind of gear it more towards the coco mediums.

Coco mediums actually have a PH of about 4.5 so there is usually a lime or a high mark calcium also added to it to help keep this PH within the medium of the cocos at the proper levels. Cocos A&B is developed  to help keep this coco mediums stable.

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