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Ask-a-Grower #167 – What is the process for taking clones?

What is the process for taking clones? I bought rapidgrow blue powder, rockwool cubes, a tray and dome, and a heat mat. I know how to take the cuts and get everything set up but don’t quite know how much water I should be giving them. I usually soak the cubes prior to inserting the cut and close the dome for at least 7 days…after that I looked in and all the cubes were one dry so I gave them some water…please help.

I always leave a small layer of water at the bottom of the tray just below the cubes.  I do not want the cubes sitting in water.  The idea is to keep the humidity levels high without over saturating the plugs.  Once I place the cuts in the dome I keep the dome closed for 24-48 hours under a t-5.  After that, I open the dome at least once a day to “air out”.  I only open the dome for 15-30 sec.  Monitor the cubes throughout the week.  Make sure they stay moist (but not soaked).  After 7-14 days you should start noticing roots coming out of the bottom of the cubes.  If it takes longer, be patient some plants take a lot longer to root than others.  I keep my t-5 on 24hrs or until I see roots then I will change the light cycle down to 18-6.  I hope this has been helpful.

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