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Ask-a-Grower #168–How can I learn more about worm tea?

I heard that you do the vermi tea twice a week; I was curious what time a rep will be there to give me a little more info on the product?

We actually make our own worm tea.  We use a different brewer and different ingredients than the vermi tea brand. We do not charge for our worm tea. We use a catalyst that contains humic acids, kelp extracts, minerals and other botanical ingredients. We use worm castings and humisoil in our tea bag.  This mixture is brewed for at least 24 hrs to allow the biologicals to reproduce and become active.  Please call the location nearest you for current tea days.  Remember its first come first serve and only one gallon per customer.  Just bring in an empty gallon and we’ll fill it up.  I hope this has been helpful.  Please let me know if your questions were answered to your satisfaction.

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